a young slovak brand freier, founded by terézia feňovčíková in 2018, presents a collection inspired by the movie character of ellen ripley (aliens, 1986, james cameron). in the ‘lv-426’ collection she introduces 18 silhouettes, where various forms of uniform elements prevail. gradually, we can feel their decomposition into small references, preserved in ripley’s costume. ripley is an emancipated and respected heroine, who doesn't need to convince about her strength of will by the use of super powers or spandex. she destroyed the myth of feminine beauty in patriarchal sense with her image of independent and reasonable warrior. the inspiration is focused on identifying with the main character through her development and her impact on side characters.

the graphic processing of textile patterns was taken care of by flace and we also collaborated with the designer bronislava žurková brůčková on the creation of original machine knits.

prívesok Freier

Materiál: plast, oceľ


Toto rúško môžeš dostať ako DARČEK k nákupu Freier vecí nad 100€.   Materiál: 100% bavlna, Rozmer: 28 x 13cm

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