AWA clothes - Anita Virág

Urban minimalism

When they ask me how did I ended up here, I always say, it was always my goal, just the road was crooked. My name is Virág Anita and AWAclothes is my baby. After finishing my bachelor studies in Landscape Architecture I finally had the curage to start it over, and study Fashion design in Budapest. And loved every moment of it.
I design for women  who want to wear something different, elegant, but not to be boring. For inspiration I use my life, like our garden, my grandmother or the architecture of my hometown. 
Every piece I make is special for me, and I want it to be special for you too, I want to make something that you will love, and find hapiness in it.

Enjoy my work, in every piece is a little of me.
Anita Virág
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Materiál: 100%-ná organická bavlna

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